Beautiful Wedding Veils for your special Day


~ Frequently Asked Questions ~


How do I shop?

You can browse our Catalog or browse by Collection. All of our wedding veils are available in a variety of colors and lengths as well as different options for type of decoration. Choose your veil style, the type of decoration, the veil length and the veil color.

Are wedding veils in stock or made to order?

Since our wedding veils are available with so many options, they are all made to order.

How long does it take for a wedding veil to be made?

Most wedding veils are ready in two weeks. Highly customized veils may take a week longer to complete. Please allow 3-4 days for your veil to arrive once it has been shipped.

Can I order a completely custom wedding veil?

Of course! Please call us at 713-448-0685 so we can discuss your ideas. After we have determined what the veil will be, an special order quote will be mailed to you for your approval. After any revisions are made the final invoice will be sent along with a link for easy payment.

What color do I choose?

We offer many colors of veiling: Ivory, champagne, white, off white, blush pink and oyster. You can order a set of veiling swatches (all colors are included) and any lace or decoration sample from each product page. When you place an order, the cost of the samples for that style will be credited to your purchase.

What are wedding veils made of?

Most of our wedding veils are made of top quality nylon bridal illusion, a soft type of tulle commonly used for wedding veils. There are many grades of tulle and we use a very high quality grade. Some veils are also made of a heavier netting and also soft nylon chantilly lace. 

How do I wear my wedding veil? 

Your wedding veil attaches with a fine tooth silvery wire comb, and sometimes bobby pins and clips for Juliet style veils. To keep your veil secure, form a flat pin curl with criss-crossed bobby pins just behind where you want to place the veil. Slide the teeth of the veil comb under the pin curl, which forms an anchoring point for the comb. This will keep your veil very snugly in place.

How do I get the wrinkles out of my veil?

Ironing is best left to the experts. We suggest you steam your veil with a hand held steamer set on the lowest steam setting. Place your veil on a hanger or hook and pass the steamer quickly over the veil--the wrinkles fall out instantly. If you don't have a steamer, hang your veil in the bathroom on a hook on the door and turn the shower on until a quantity of steam builds up. After 15-20 minute your veil will be steamed. 

How do I store my wedding veil until the big day?

Please hang your veil in the close, loosely covered with a clean old sheet or cloth. Please do not store your veil in plastic or expose to sunlight as this may discolor the fabric.

How do I store my veil after the wedding?
You can store your veil in a cloth garment bag or have it preserved by a reputable gown preservation service.